Freedom in His Love

Sadness fills my room,
I was convicted and doomed;

Every night I'm all alone,
Believing only me and the moon.

My heart is truly aching,
Even if I'm sorry;

Still everyone is blaming me.

A soft voice behind my back

My child you are not bad
circumstances lead you to do that
but I Love You and that's the fact

Teardrop runs into my face,
Hallucination in this empty place;

Morning comes with no assurance,
Committed sin without repentance.

Tomorrow is my final day,
Trembling but feelin' okay;

Do you really love me!?

I ask God and say

I'm afraid of tomorrow
Please take me today

Then came my final stage,
The priest reads some Bible verse;

God's words struck my veins,
I felt freedom in His loving grace.

And as my eyes about to close,
My spirit is ready to rejoice;

For I know my creator is waiting for me,
His love will set me free.

Everyone of us have our own prison state of mind…
Let God's Words be our assurance of freedom and may the peace that comes from Him be upon us.