Empty Thoughts

Things were meant to be special,
Became dull and full of denial;

That echo of her empty smile,
Empty thoughts became viral.

Silence that breaks the spell,
Much more louder than the bell;

Through her never ending sorrow,
Reflects the color of her shadow.

Empty thoughts I hate the most,
From becoming better to worst;

Neither she nor he refused,
Empty thoughts her mind abused.

Sad but true,
Says the few;

Reality talks,
That sorrow walks.

Believing there's no hope,
That empty thoughts afloat;

The desire to make her smile,
Is an act of revenge to her pride.

She, who never speaks,
He, who follows the beat;

They, became owners of mischief,
To wit the silence they commit.

My piece is about to end,
These empty thoughts truly will end;

Staring at her broken shadow,
Hoping to be well by tomorrow.