Love will find me

When will you kiss me?
I've been waiting for so long;

When will your lips touch mine?
The feeling of love divine.

This lonely heart is hoping,
For the love that will never end;

When will you find me?
And will never ever leave me.

When will I escape the shadow of loneliness?
When will you find me in my wilderness?

Love will find me I believe
Love will find me I really believe.

In the deepest of the night,
There's a call from the sky;

Dreaming of answering a phone,
YES came from a strange voice.

I woke up to that moment,
Feeling amazed of what I've heard;

Who says Yes on my ear?
Am I dreaming or just real?

My heart starts beating fast,
Heart burned I guess, but not;

Still awake at two o' clock,
For I know she thinks of me from afar.

That frowny face before I sleep,
Suddenly changed with smiling face;

Hoping that will last 'till the morning,
And stays with me until forever.

Love will find me