The Seven-Day Book Challenge on Facebook

The Seven-Day Book Challenge was originated way back 2018 from a post in Facebook and widely in Instagram.

The rules of the Seven-Day Book Challenge are simple: For seven days, you share a photo or image of your favorite book and dare another friend to carry on the challenge on Facebook. There’s no set theme to follow, and you don’t need to write a caption or explanation for why you choose each book. You simply share the photo, tag a friend, and reply to any comments. The format is like these:

🤓 Day 0? 📖

I accepted the challenge from my friend,
<Tag the friend who challenged you> to post 7 books I love. One book a day. No exceptions, no reviews, just covers. Each day I will ask a friend to take up the challenge. Let's promote literacy and a book list. Tonight, I challenge <Tag a friend you challenged>

Escape for a Moment and Return to your First Love

In the news nowadays, as we read on social media. There are issues of #JunkTerrorBill #ABSCBN etc. Most of it raises our blood pressure and sometimes even when we are calm, resides in our minds and it seems like pain that stays in our head, especially the influential people we watch, read their posts, expressing their thoughts in social media. They are considered pillars of industry in the field of film, politics, and much more.

So I ask myself, is this the current era where if you want to offend someone, it is very easy to post on social media, you have thoughts against the government policy, you are free to charge and say everything, then when banned, will just defend the press freedom, freedom to express oneself?


Are you smart enough?

Yes you’re right if you answered yes, but NO you are absolutely wrong, if you will ask me why.

The intention of this blog is to encourage everyone not to be foolish nor be smart but to continue to do good while living on earth. Yes you read it. During this pandemic Covid-19 phenomenon, we are facing an invisible enemy and this virus knows no one, even if you’re the smartest person living on the planet. Before I get to my point, let’s go back to the past... Below are my list of smart people who lived and died leaving a legacy for us to think about and meditate.

Light Beyond Darkness

Sometimes we are doubtful of our future. What happens next?

And even if we pray, there is a part of our mind that always asking God what are your plans for my life?

It is a good thing that when God created humans, we were able to think above all creations, we have all the senses to explore and experience things of what God had created.

Lucky enough that in our present age, we were able to understand Science and Astronomy as well. I know most of you will not agree with me and you are not interested with astronomy but let me just explain a bit about what God created in my small little way.

Secrets about A Happy Relationship

The Secret of Thought
Love begins with our thoughts. We became what we think about. Loving thoughts create loving experiences and loving relationships. Affirmations can change our beliefs and thoughts about others and ourselves. If we want to love someone, we need to consider their needs and desires. Thinking about your ideal partner will help you recognize her when you meet her.

Future Plans and Searching

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God already gave His plan for us, today, this afternoon, tonight and even this coming year. All we have to do is Pray and ask His guidance for the Path that He has created for us.

Sample Functions of Human Values

Kabataan Ano ang iyong kinagisnang kaugalian?

Marami sa mga kabataan ngayon ang may kakaibang ugali kumpara sa mga kabataan noong araw, ano nga ba ang kinagisnang ugali ng mga bata ngayon?

Oopps, hindi ko nais na makipagtalo sa inyo, ang gusto ko ay ibahagi ang ilan sa mga values na dapat ay taglayin ng kabataan ngayon, minarapat kong ilagay/ isalin sa English upang mas marami ang makarelate: