Modern Seed

It started on the 3rd day,
When that Great Voice command and say;

The beauty of multiplication,
Revealed by God to every nation.

The parable of the sower gives us guidance,
Be careful of what you implant;

Scripted words are deceiving,
The seed of devotion is encouraging.

Moved by You

Inspired by what I read,
This morning when I wake;

A stranger with lots of wonder,
To me a treasure I'll keep forever.

Thoughts that came so fast,
Spontaneous just a blast;

I triggered her innermost gland,
And it really made me glad.


In the beginning there was doubt,
Misunderstandings went out loud;

As ravishing as the waves of the sea,
Benign thoughts that eyes can't see.

Angel in the darkest night,
Her eyes glows so bright;

Leading the way to discovery,
The naked truth and reality.


Looking back from the past,
Seems like my mind collapse;

Things that were meant to last,
Now it's just a thing of the past

Rumors may make your day,
Believing some Nay say;

Seems like everything is okay,
But truth prevails at the end of the day.

Empty Thoughts

Things were meant to be special,
Became dull and full of denial;

That echo of her empty smile,
Empty thoughts became viral.

Silence that breaks the spell,
Much more louder than the bell;

Through her never ending sorrow,
Reflects the color of her shadow.

Love will find me

When will you kiss me?
I've been waiting for so long;

When will your lips touch mine?
The feeling of love divine.

This lonely heart is hoping,
For the love that will never end;

When will you find me?
And will never ever leave me.

Apple of Her Eyes

I just had a dream of this young lady,
She was so familiar with enchanted beauty;

The feature of her became clearer,
When I looked at her and stare.

Yes she was once my desire,
I was captured by her natural smile;

But time passes-by and she vanished,
And I woke up in anguish.

Forever In Love

From the early sunlight,
My smile glows so bright;

The love that I cannot hide,
Makes my morning delight.

The smell of fresh flowers,
Refreshes, yes, my soul;

Through the heart that beats,
Stronger my love grows.