The Real Color of Love

The real color of love is not red or blue,
An imaginary hue so pure and so true.

Meekness and loyalty true love in reality,
Not feeling guilty, loving unconditionally.

Majestic Beauty

Your eyes are like white doves,
Your hair are sun-rays in the sky;

Your teeth are like sheep,
Your lips are like a thread of scarlet

Your cheeks are like the melon flesh,
So pure so tender.

Piece of Crap

Piece of Crap

I don't like circles, but I love to mingle,
I have this secret, to anyone I won't tell.

You will say I'm shallow, if I hate you tomorrow,
My love you cannot borrow, because it will cause you sorrow.

Tell me now and never lie,
No more tears I will not die;

What is the message that lies behind,
Those words from lips but diff'rent inside.

Sweet Encounter

Your act of beckon,
Caught my attention;

Moved by my intention,
With constant emotion.