Are you smart enough?

Yes you’re right if you answered yes, but NO you are absolutely wrong, if you will ask me why.

The intention of this blog is to encourage everyone not to be foolish nor be smart but to continue to do good while living on earth. Yes you read it. During this pandemic Covid-19 phenomenon, we are facing an invisible enemy and this virus knows no one, even if you’re the smartest person living on the planet. Before I get to my point, let’s go back to the past... Below are my list of smart people who lived and died leaving a legacy for us to think about and meditate.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish! Don’t be so stupid and take it literally, stay hungry for learning, because life is a continuous learning process, stay foolish means you’re not smart enough, someone out there is smarter than you, so don’t stop searching for the truth. Even the wisest person ever lived on earth died. He was once a king who asked God for wisdom to command his kingdom. And one of his thoughts moved me.

During our lifetime on earth. Give meaning to your life, search for your purpose, and most of all, continue to do good, even others cannot, will not and does not. Lastly, I want to thank the frontliners around the world, who risks their lives to save people, sadly some of them died. So be Safe, Stay at home. Read My Blog.