Tatlong Tula na may 2 Saknong


Takdang Aralin
Gumawa ng Tula na may 2 Saknong kung paano mo maipagmamalaki ang iyong pinagmulan o kasaysayan ng lahi?

A Day with my Practical Arts Teacher


One fine day, after that memorable earthquake, left my Alma Mater (Manila High School) to a bit halt, as time goes by, moving on with our lives, continue attending classes, my beloved teacher told me to accompany her at PNB Escolta where, at that time, teachers received their pay through checks and be able to encash on that particular branch, probably around August, September 1990, Earthquake was July 16, 1990.

A Heart that Cares


Use your imagination,
While reading my poem.

Since inside her womb,
The same beat I felt before.

She cares I know, I'm sure,
But my heart is weak;
Asking her not to leave.

Sorrow will not fill my day,
'Cause she's there who always care;
But age took her away,
I know she will not stay.

The Passion of Falling in Love Again and Again


When I was a child,
She never leaves my sight;
Embraces me every night,
Until the morning light.

She nurtures me to be strong,
Corrects me when I am wrong;
Doesn't sleep when I am sick,
At my side when I'm in heat.

As I grew up and learn to be alone,
She's always there waiting for me to come home;
Never eat dinner until I come back,
She's so patient and loves me alot.

Picture of You


All this years you've been away,
What more can I possibly say,
I miss your hug after we pray.

I know I'm loved from miles away,
My voice's always shaking;
Every time you are calling,
The picture of me reflects your sanity.

Tears that I wipe returns every night,
Often times I dream of you,
The color is always blue;
Wish we could be together,
Stay with me a little longer.