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This blog started when I was in Qatar. I write Poems and Balagtasan joining the then BuhayQatar.com, I met Omar, Ronald, Kuya George, among other OFW's. Omar, I considered my mentor, who is also the one who encouraged me to put-up a blog thru Blogger.

The Pope The Poet The Mentor The Psalmist

Version 1

unnamedpsalmist.blogspot.com my english blog and mga-kathang-isip-ni-kiko.blogspot.com tagalog, a noob on that day, 10 years ago, knows nothing about the evolution of fellow bloggers in the internet.


I am thankful to PEBA (Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards) that gave me a chance to be heard, and be known in the world of blogging.

Joining the awards, I received recognition being the Most Interactive Blogger Award by John Robert Powers and a recipient of Nokia Connecting OFW Families Award for my blogpost Entry Kada Buwan ay Pasko sa Pamilya ng OFW year 2010.

PEBA Badge John Robert PowersPEBA Badge Nokia

On the succeding year I became PEBA's official multimedia creative designer. It helped me a lot to reach-out and get connected to fellow bloggers across middle east and everywhere else in the world. A chance to showcase my talent given by God.


I Also joined Kablogs (Blogs ng mga Kababayang OFW & Expats) where fellow OFWs joined forces to share blogs to everyone and luckily being part of Kablogs Journal (Pages of and from Pinoy bloggers around the world)

Ask Pinoy Bloggers

Thanks to Charlie Montemayor, the Founder and Admin of Ask Pinoy Bloggers (AskPB) bragging rights I was the one who designed the logo, the popular Facebook Group Page aims to meet new aspiring and fellow bloggers to help one another thru different aspects about blogging in any platform, all you have to do is Ask Pinoy Bloggers.

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide

And also to Mami Tess Chancellor, the Founder and Admin of Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW). The group aims to build camaraderie among fellow bloggers around the globe and help members on opportunities to make money online, increase and build traffic, gain followers, blog comment exchange, share experiences and many more.


I was also given a chance by GMA 7's GMA NEWS ONLINE to publish my poems on their Pinoy Abroad Kwentong Kapuso section.

Version 2


www.kwentonikiko.com Omar also suggested the domain name because aside from writing poems, I also write short stories about overseas filipino workers & love stories where they can relate.

Mga Kathang Isip at Kwento ni Kiko became popular specially to the Filipino Students searching for Filipino Literature as one of their assignments in school. Ang Kwento ng Ibong Adarna is the most engaging blogpost where I rewrite some of it in a form of Balagtasan as a short story understandable and readable by young students.

Patnubay Online

Some of my poems were also published at Patnubay Online. Patnubay promotes volunteerism and servant leadership. Patnubay has no other Objective but to attain its entire goal. That is the secret of their success in handling different types of OFW cases with or without embassy’s help. Ganun din ang lahat ng marangal na proyektong uumpisahan nito.

Version 2 - The Downfall

The Annual Kalsada Blog Awards 2011

Given the privilege, I must admit I overused it by taking advantage of its popularity, to promote facebook likes, blogcontests etc. when I joined The Annual Kalsada Blog Awards 2011 I was recognized as Best Filipino Blogger of the Year and some bloggers hated me and the website, and it ends up being flagged in facebook for violation of community standards.

Version 3

Poems Love Stories

www.PoemsLoveStories.com. The merging of both my english blog unnamedpsalmist.blogspot.com and www.kwentonikiko.com into one website and ventured into moving from blogger to wordpress.org.

As time goes by, the outcome did not work out well, the internet went to viral posts that really affected us bloggers, social media focused more on sharing viral posts, videos, current news, etc. where they can earn fast, as well as the trending topics of those days. The fact that facebook launches free data, where users can use their facebook with free data, and can comment on any post they want, spending more time on facebook rather than reading into blogs, sharing blogpost is not an ideal facebook status before, because some of your friends using free data will just ignore it from their news feed and leaving facebook is a bad idea for them.

Version 4


www.tula.francismorilao.com, www.panitikan.francismorilao.com, www.poetry.francismorilao.com. A new approach in these version. During those times, hidden or unnamed authors must come out and present themselves to be a legit blogger. By the way I used Makatang Kiko and The Psalmist before. And I come up with FRANCIS MORILAO as the main domain with a more focused subdomain as mentioned above, also with the help of wordpress.org. Earnings went well but reality calls, work realated, and www.francismorilao.com bid goodbye on 2017. Go check online this domain and see for yourself, still a premium domain.

New Version 5

notesnikiko 2020

www.notesnikiko.com. Even though I'm connected online for almost 3 years, I keep writing thru notes on my iPhone, writing thoughts is my passion. Covid-19 gave me a chance to write more. With the fast internet connection, I decided to go back to blogging online. I hope upon reading this, you will continue to visit my notes regularly. Read my notes.

The lesson I learned from the past versions is do not forget your passion, time goes by and still my passion about writing never leave me.

The social media focused more on viral post, news trends but one thing is for sure.

True passionate writers will continue to write, to write original content. I may not earn that much thru blogging, but I know I inspired someone out there. Leaving a smile on their faces after visiting my blog.

New Version 5.1

notesnikiko 2022

New Logo Design for 2022 featuring the PANTONE COLOR for 2022 Very Peri 17-3938. Integration of the Home and Index pages as well. Navigation icons featuring Font Awesome icons, and enhanced the youtube video cite of Orion Belt Tour