Modern Seed

It started on the 3rd day,
When that Great Voice command and say;

The beauty of multiplication,
Revealed by God to every nation.

The parable of the sower gives us guidance,
Be careful of what you implant;

Scripted words are deceiving,
The seed of devotion is encouraging.

Moved by You

Inspired by what I read,
This morning when I wake;

A stranger with lots of wonder,
To me a treasure I'll keep forever.

Thoughts that came so fast,
Spontaneous just a blast;

I triggered her innermost gland,
And it really made me glad.


In the beginning there was doubt,
Misunderstandings went out loud;

As ravishing as the waves of the sea,
Benign thoughts that eyes can't see.

Angel in the darkest night,
Her eyes glows so bright;

Leading the way to discovery,
The naked truth and reality.


Looking back from the past,
Seems like my mind collapse;

Things that were meant to last,
Now it's just a thing of the past

Rumors may make your day,
Believing some Nay say;

Seems like everything is okay,
But truth prevails at the end of the day.

Empty Thoughts

Things were meant to be special,
Became dull and full of denial;

That echo of her empty smile,
Empty thoughts became viral.

Silence that breaks the spell,
Much more louder than the bell;

Through her never ending sorrow,
Reflects the color of her shadow.

Love will find me

When will you kiss me?
I've been waiting for so long;

When will your lips touch mine?
The feeling of love divine.

This lonely heart is hoping,
For the love that will never end;

When will you find me?
And will never ever leave me.

Apple of Her Eyes

I just had a dream of this young lady,
She was so familiar with enchanted beauty;

The feature of her became clearer,
When I looked at her and stare.

Yes she was once my desire,
I was captured by her natural smile;

But time passes-by and she vanished,
And I woke up in anguish.

Forever In Love

From the early sunlight,
My smile glows so bright;

The love that I cannot hide,
Makes my morning delight.

The smell of fresh flowers,
Refreshes, yes, my soul;

Through the heart that beats,
Stronger my love grows.

Forgotten Word

Left at the open, empty mind;

Teary eyes, finding a place to hide.

First step is hard, moving the next path;
Memories of the past, good things turned bad.

She is Vane

A glimpse while staring, the beauty that's sparkling;
To me it's suffocating, simple but everlasting.

Can't help but wonder, the first time I can't remember;
The night that was so amazing, the heartbeat and the drizzling.

Poem for a Lovely Lady

Seeing your name recently,
It stuck into my memory;

I wonder if I may be,
A poet for a lovely lady.

If only you could see,
The hue and the beauty;

Fresh flowers in my memory,
So brilliant, so pretty.

Poem for a Lovely Lady

Freedom in His Love

Sadness fills my room,
I was convicted and doomed;

Every night I'm all alone,
Believing only me and the moon.

My heart is truly aching,
Even if I'm sorry;

Still everyone is blaming me.


The view of the morning sun,
Reflects the rays of a blond;

Through the silhouette of her,
Rise the desire of flare.

Get up says the smoke of coffee,
The aromatic smell same like tea;

Play the music of the morning breeze,
Enchant the longing while butterfly flee.

The Real Color of Love

The real color of love is not red or blue,
An imaginary hue so pure and so true.

Meekness and loyalty true love in reality,
Not feeling guilty, loving unconditionally.

Majestic Beauty

Your eyes are like white doves,
Your hair are sun-rays in the sky;

Your teeth are like sheep,
Your lips are like a thread of scarlet

Your cheeks are like the melon flesh,
So pure so tender.

Piece of Crap

Piece of Crap

I don't like circles, but I love to mingle,
I have this secret, to anyone I won't tell.

You will say I'm shallow, if I hate you tomorrow,
My love you cannot borrow, because it will cause you sorrow.

Tell me now and never lie,
No more tears I will not die;

What is the message that lies behind,
Those words from lips but diff'rent inside.

Sweet Encounter

Your act of beckon,
Caught my attention;

Moved by my intention,
With constant emotion.

Power - The Epitome of Losing

It all started in our early age,
When our brothers and sisters;

Are more powerful than us,
Bullying our childhood minds.

Then went to school to learn new things,
Addition of bullies from teachers and classmates;

Troubled and lost at early age,
Who am I? same question repeats every night and day.