Light Beyond Darkness

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Sometimes we are doubtful of our future. What happens next?

And even if we pray, there is a part of our mind that always asking God what are your plans for my life?

It is a good thing that when God created humans, we were able to think above all creations, we have all the senses to explore and experience things of what God had created.

Lucky enough that in our present age, we are able to understand Science and Astronomy as well. I know most of you will not agree with me and you are not interested with astronomy but let me just explain a bit about what God created in my small little way.

Heard about The Orion's Belt? or maybe you would want me to take you on An Orion Tour? Come on! I'll take 10 minutes of your time to watch this video, (I'm not the youtube owner btw)

Orion is a classic constellation. From ancient egypt to the ancient greeks to the vikings - Orion has been both a point of reference and of myth.

When you next look up at the night sky in autumn and winter, see if you cannot find Orion - and try and grasp what beuty and wonders you are really looking at. It is so much more than tiny spekcs of twinkling lights. In this video I'm trying to give a brief description of some of what you would be looking at. It is my hope that it will spark some interrest.

The night sky is so much more interresting when you know something about what you're looking at.
—Michael Busse, Michael Busse’s Youtube Channel Subscribe 

On the Orion tour, the narrator did not explained the Orion's Belt as it is perfectly aligned.

And as explained in the video the Rigel and Betelgeuse are the biggest stars that you see in the sky because of their mass, but remember it is far far light years away from what we are standing right now.

After watching the video, I know you were amazed of what God had created beyond you're thinking. And to think that we are just a dot in the solar system, but God sees us and yet took care of each and every one of us.

And see the Orion's Belt? It is perfectly aligned. Think about this, If God maintains the alignment of those stars? How much more God aligned the path of our future. But we as humans, God gave us freedom, free will to go beyond what was planned by our Creator unlike those stars that stay foot.

Now as we are experiencing this pandemic era as we called it. Still the plans of God for our lives are in perfect alignment with His will. We may not know what lies ahead but we are sure that God's Will is for us to have a good and better future.

In the darkness of our every night, there is light so bright from afar, and even in the darkest of our soul we can turn to the Light, the Way and the Truth. Jesus.

God Bless us all!