Power - The Epitome of Losing

It all started in our early age,
When our brothers and sisters;

Are more powerful than us,
Bullying our childhood minds.

Then went to school to learn new things,
Addition of bullies from teachers and classmates;

Troubled and lost at early age,
Who am I? same question repeats every night and day.

Committing sin is the next stage,
A simple sin of lying at early age;

To test the power that's within,
Without knowing what lies ahead.

Some fathers, who suppose to be powerful,
But instead lose it to be more loving;

And not present in every gathering,
Forever busy in everything.

Another powerful are some mothers,
Ruler of every corner of the house;

Keeper of light in the darkest night,
Peace maker of troubled minds.

Then came the puberty age,
Friends and lovers are at stake;

Love and power, give and take,
Loneliness and sadness hard to bear.

Maturity ruins the day,
When responsibility takes its place;

Seeking power seems very strange,
Without us knowing whats' at stake.

Iron throne melts down by a mourning dragon,
When power lose control over obligation;

Still didn't get the lesson?
Rather answer my next question.

Do you really want power to bow down?
Or submit to the power of wisdom.

They say when you forgive, you lose power,
But I say to you now;

You gain power when forgiveness is your weapon,
A powerful weapon to avoid your own destruction.

Love is more powerful than reason,
Forgiveness can be given to treason;
Jesus did not die without reason,
Saving us from sin without question.

Power Thoughts
Let us Pray.
Jesus your forgiveness is a strange impossible thing to us, considering everything you went through, its hard for us to even fathom, as your followers, please teach us this kind of love, the kind of love that forgives even our worst enemies and seeks their good. And we believe that the power we seek everyday is losing ourselves serving and obeying your will. Thank you Lord it's in Jesus name we pray Amen.