The Magician The Magician


Nine months his dream came true - he lost a great deal of weight. As a result, many wonderful things happened; His blood pressure went down and his energy level went up. His feet, knees and back didn't ache anymore. He no longer has to shop in the "big" men's stores. But something else happened that he hadn't expected. To his family and friends, he became "The Magician." How did you do it? they all wanted to know. They were looking for that formula, that certain something to transform them, zap, from a size XL to M.

Here is what the magician tells them I can tell you what I did: I never gave up. Losing weight was something I deeply desired, and was relentless. When I found what worked- a way of balancing what I ate with how much I moved my body, my way of earning a living, my way of connecting with the people I love - I did it with all my heart and soul, every day, without fail. When I [messed up], I kept going. When I was afraid, I felt the fear and took the next step into the darkness. When I was confused and uncentered, I pretended to know which end was up and kept plodding. When I was empty and alone, I reached out to others.

This morning I weighed myself. But unlike many people I was satisfied with what I saw - a number that has scarcely changed in nine months. And I saw the model for the rest of my life. Look for the inspired right thing, then do it, without fail - imperfectly but sincerely- one day at a time, every day, for the rest of my life. That's the magic.