Poem for a Lovely Lady

Seeing your name recently,
It stuck into my memory;

I wonder if I may be,
A poet for a lovely lady.

If only you could see,
The hue and the beauty;

Fresh flowers in my memory,
So brilliant, so pretty.

Poem for a Lovely Lady

Colors like rainbow,
Enough to cover my sorrow;

Giving me hope for tomorrow,
And never run through the shadow.

But someone just informed me,
This beautiful lady is about to marry; (really? or fake news haha)

I know it is my destiny,
To become the poet of the lady.

And when you're about to marry,
Please don't forget to invite me;

My number is three-one-two four-five double-three,
I'll be happy to attend the ceremony.

It will be an honor for me,
To be the poet of the lovely Lady.