She is Vane

A glimpse while staring, the beauty that's sparkling;
To me it's suffocating, simple but everlasting.

Can't help but wonder, the first time I can't remember;
The night that was so amazing, the heartbeat and the drizzling.

She is vane I assured you, her smile's like the rainbow;
Charming light, diff'rent hue, so relaxing and it's true.

Staring while she's asleep, from her eyes down to her lips;
Encouraging a good night kiss, act quickly or you'll gonna miss.

She is vane, her friends confess, motivating their lives' mess;
Successor of everyday's stress, they say she's truly blessed.

Someone tried to change her, done everything, pretends a winner;
But she's vane remember? To her, he's a damn loser.

Even me, I get insane, every time I'm scared and blame;
I just remember she is vane, and the feelings never change.

She is vane and never pleases, she'll tell you exactly if you insist;
Sarcastically and never miss, dare, and the thrill you can't resist.

Every Poet's wish is to be like William Shakespeare who invented 15 words through his poetry being a prolific inventor of words. I tried to change the meaning of vane using it as an adjective.
Vane: Adj.

special character of a woman who's independent and willing to take the risks./