In the beginning there was doubt,
Misunderstandings went out loud;

As ravishing as the waves of the sea,
Benign thoughts that eyes can't see.

Angel in the darkest night,
Her eyes glows so bright;

Leading the way to discovery,
The naked truth and reality.

Vanished in the morning light,
The sorrow of the previous night;

The echo of her dream,
Is haunting to her scream.

Translucency is the key,
Of being honest to society;

Shut the mouth of decency,
That cultivates this humble country.

Moving on with maturity,
Leaving behind the anomaly;

Cut the vine that emerges within,
And let good vibes come in.

To wit the letter of discourse,
Many have seen the worst;

The compassion is fading away,
Even a little pony wouldn't want to stay.

Obsession of this scandal vague,
Came to us like the ancient plague;

Flooding like volcanic lava,
The truth hurts by social media.

To end this poem I'll name a few,
From William Shakespeare to Henry Longfellow;

The author of human transparency,
Indeed a good picture of clear morality.

The Christian Virgins
Photo Credit: By Félix Resurrección Hidalgo - Reproduction from art book, Public Domain, Link