Poems about Love



When will you kiss me?
I've been waiting for so long;
When will your lips touch mine?
The feeling of love divine.

This lonely heart is hoping,
For the love that will never end;
When will you find me?
And will never ever leave me.

When will I escape the shadow of loneliness?
When will you find me in my wilderness?
Love will find me I believe
Love will find me I really believe.

In the deepest of the night,
There's a call from the sky;
Dreaming of answering a phone,
YES came from a strange voice.

I woke up to that moment,
Feeling amazed of what I've heard;
Who says Yes on my ear?
Am I dreaming or just real?

My heart starts beating fast,
Heart burned I guess, but not;
Still awake at two o' clock,
For I know she thinks of me from afar.

That frowny face before I sleep,
Suddenly changed with smiling face;
Hoping that will last 'till the morning,
And stays with me until forever.


Things were meant to be special,
Became dull and full of denial;
That echo of her empty smile,
Empty thoughts became viral.

Silence that breaks the spell,
Much more louder than the bell;
Through her never ending sorrow,
Reflects the color of her shadow.

Empty thoughts I hate the most,
From becoming better to worst;
Neither she nor he refused,
Empty thoughts her mind abused.

Sad but true,
Says the few;
Reality talks,
That sorrow walks.

Believing there's no hope,
That empty thoughts afloat;
The desire to make her smile,
Is an act of revenge to her pride.

She, who never speaks,
He, who follows the beat;
They, became owners of mischief,
To wit the silence they commit.

My piece is about to end,
These empty thoughts truly will end;
Staring at her broken shadow,
Hoping to be well by tomorrow.


Looking back from the past,
Seems like my mind collapse;
Things that were meant to last,
Now it's just a thing of the past.

Rumors may make your day,
Believing some Nay say;
Seems like everything is okay,
But truth prevails at the end of the day.

Just like when you say you Love Me,
It runs through my ears and flee;
Words that seems too pretty,
Act if you really Love Me.

A word that ends one first,
You may find it when you twist your neck;
Seems like what the heck?
Same last word from the first.


Inspired by what I read,
This morning when I wake;
A stranger with lots of wonder,
To me a treasure I'll keep forever.

Thoughts that came so fast,
Spontaneous just a blast;
I triggered her innermost gland,
And it really made me glad.

From her thoughts rise within me,
The advocacy that I longed to be;
To everyone it's not new,
Actually I was moved by you.

A tiny spark that lies beneath,
Darkness removed by that lit;
Brings me back from the grave,
Where my thoughts were buried.

The legacy that was stagnant in my mind,
Slowly making me blind;
But this day marks a new beginning,
Remarkable thoughts that I am longing…


Left at the open,
empty mind;
Teary eyes,
finding a place to hide.

First step is hard,
moving the next path;
Memories of the past,
good things turned bad.

Feelings restored,
that forgotten word;
Can't even recall,
totally lost control.

Even in my dreams,
it's absence felt;
Cannot escape,
cannot pretend.

Forgotten word,
color fades;
Music of laughter,
never heard.

Staring at the moon,
sadness fills the room;
Darkness corrupts the eyes,
slowly controlled the mind.

Tomorrow maybe a new day,
new day to stay.


I just had a dream of this young lady,
She was so familiar with enchanted beauty;
The feature of her became clearer,
When I looked at her and stare.

Yes she was once my desire,
I was captured by her natural smile;
But time passes-by and she vanished,
And I woke up in anguish.

I rushed to my computer,
Checked her facebook profile;
She looks different from my dream,
Because now there is an apple of her eyes.

The Apple of her eyes,
She cannot really hide;
Beause there is an angel,
That whispers to me every night.


Move on with your life and I will always be by your side.


Sadness fills my room,
I was convicted and doomed;
Every night I'm all alone,
Believing only me and the moon.

My heart is truly aching,
Even if I'm sorry;
Still everyone is blaming me.

A soft voice behind my back
My child you are not bad
circumstances lead you to do that
but I Love You and that's the fact
Teardrop runs into my face,
Hallucination in this empty place;
Morning comes with no assurance,
Committed sin without repentance.

Tomorrow is my final day,
Trembling but feelin' okay;
Do you really love me!?
I ask God and say

I'm afraid of tomorrow
Please take me today
Then came my final stage,
The priest reads some Bible verse;
God's words struck my veins,
I felt freedom in His loving grace.

And as my eyes about to close,
My spirit is ready to rejoice;
For I know my creator is waiting for me,
His love will set me free.

Everyone of us have our own prison state of mind… Let God's Words be our assurance of freedom and may the peace that comes from Him be upon us.


The real color of love is not red or blue,
An imaginary hue so pure and so true.

Meekness and loyalty true love in reality,
Not feeling guilty, loving unconditionally.

The real color of love is what your heart says it's true.


Your eyes are like white doves,
Your hair are sun-rays in the sky;
Your teeth are like sheep,
Your lips are like a thread of scarlet.

Your cheeks are like the melon flesh,
So pure so tender.

You captured my heart with your majestic beauty,
And ravished my soul with your precious loving heart.


How can I forget your face?
Even if I close my eyes it glows in the middle of my desire.


I can't sleep until you whispered goodnight,
Wondering where it came from and vanished from my sight.


I don't like circles, but I love to mingle,
I have this secret, to anyone I won't tell.

You will say I'm shallow, if I hate you tomorrow,
My love you cannot borrow, because it will cause you sorrow.

Tell me now and never lie,
No more tears I will not die;
What is the message that lies behind,
Those words from lips but diff'rent inside.

How can we ever learn from this feeling so deceiving,
Forgetting our loved ones, sooo enduring;
It's a good thing, there is a friend ever loving,
Who can guide you 'till the happy ending.

And from these border I shall pass,
I will forget all the past;
Our friendship will always last,
I will care for you until my breath lasts.


Your act of beckon,
Caught my attention;

Moved by my intention,
With constant emotion.

I took your smile, then I was blind,
Your sweet kiss burned my lips;
A memorable sudden snitch.

And as I lay down in my bed,
I couldn't forget your face;

That sweet encounter,
In my dream I'll embrace.

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