Lutang Ka Ba? Blog


An in-depth realization on who you really are and what are your daily routine that make others say ‘Lutang ka na naman’ AGAIN (I like how BBM pronounced it during SMNI Debate) Lutang ka ba?

This is not an insulting question but rather a friendly gesture, well anyway if in case this post is not of your interest, please leave thank you.

I am writing this to tell you something, a short story indeed. Come 2016 I came back to Philippines from Qatar. With so much thoughts in my mind back then, imagine how ‘Lutang’ was my everyday life. Then of course with the help of God's plan, I was able to have a decent job. Production Artist at SGSCo. and slowly from ‘Lutang’ moment to a proactive individual making all ends meet. Being a Production Artist revolves in 3 shifts. Morning 7am - 3pm, Mid-shift 3pm to 11pm, Night-shift 11pm - 7am. This is totally mind blowing. I've worked in Qatar in a fine 6-8 working hour and for months of Lutang unemployment in Philippines. October 2016 is such a story twist of my next Lutang Adventures. After weeks of Seminar and orientation, First Actual Job is on Mid-shift 3pm - 11pm. 11:30am is the strict time I have to travel from Bacoor Cavite to Ortigas(SGSCo is located at Wynsum Tower and later on transferred to Ortigas EDSA just beside POEA.

For three months these are my daily routine, 8-9am I should wake up, eat my brunch (breakfast and lunch) at around 10am, 11:30 travel time, I must arrive at Ortigas MRT Station around 2pm having enough time to walk towards Wynsum Tower at Emerald Ave. Ortigas Center check in 3pm, dinner time will be 8pm, check out 11pm, I must arrive home around 3am so in an average of 4 hours sleep, still 'lutang pa rin' and have to sleep during my travel time. Ok now too much of storytelling let's go back to the topic.

Here's my point of view, still I work 8-10 almost 12 hours per day average and I admit 'lutang pa rin ako' with the convenience of someone preparing my brunch sometimes packed dinner (baon) or fast food or ordered lutong bahay. Saturdays and sundays are all mine as laundry is my area of responsibility as I am O. C. (obsessive compulsive with regards to my wearing stuff) One Daily Bread devotional message made me realize, Is my current job, the redemption of Who I am from my past job back in Qatar?

Algae and Diatoms
No matter what we’re going through, God is working, even when we can’t see it and don’t understand. Let’s praise Him today, for “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted”

I set it aside for a while but still haunts me even when I am working but I have to stay focused as being a production artist requires, otherwise I have a lot of C. A. R. (corrective action report) every flagged reject from end users. I have decided to SWOT my career come Chinese New Year of 2019, I updated my LinkedIn Profile, praying every night that hopefully God heard my prayer giving me a new job an effective job that only requires 8 hours of my expertise as Graphic designer. Just a month later, an Indonesian H. R. officer messaged and interested in hiring me to become a production artists in Bangkok Thailand.

Praise God is this my answered prayer?

June 2019 I arrived in Thailand and for almost 3 years now I've come to realize a sound mind is a result of quality sleep, meditation and believing that coming to Jesus, surely he will give us rest.

Kaya kung may nagsasabi sa 'yo lutang ka, pause, examine, baka you need to check your resting time, maybe your brain needs rest and most of all you need spiritual rest. Come to Jesus.