Picture of You


All this years you've been away,
What more can I possibly say,
I miss your hug after we pray.

I know I'm loved from miles away,
My voice's always shaking;
Every time you are calling,
The picture of me reflects your sanity.

Tears that I wipe returns every night,
Often times I dream of you,
The color is always blue;
Wish we could be together,
Stay with me a little longer.

Your sweet and warm embrace,
Can't remember even a trace;
The last time you held my hand,
Unintentional, unplanned.

The love I felt inside,
Now I cannot hide;
I miss you more than you ever knew,
I always say it to your nephew.

When will you be here,
To overcome my fear;
I've been counting the years,
Please stop this flowing tears.

Since you left,
I cannot sleep;
I know I'm being childish,
I know this is foolishness,
To let you know you are really missed.

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