The Seven-Day Book Challenge on Facebook

The Seven-Day Book Challenge was originated way back 2018 from a post in Facebook and widely in Instagram.

The rules of the Seven-Day Book Challenge are simple: For seven days, you share a photo or image of your favorite book and dare another friend to carry on the challenge on Facebook. There’s no set theme to follow, and you don’t need to write a caption or explanation for why you choose each book. You simply share the photo, tag a friend, and reply to any comments. The format is like these:

🤓 Day 0? 📖

I accepted the challenge from my friend,
<Tag the friend who challenged you> to post 7 books I love. One book a day. No exceptions, no reviews, just covers. Each day I will ask a friend to take up the challenge. Let's promote literacy and a book list. Tonight, I challenge <Tag a friend you challenged>

I requested to post my book during night time since I am working during the day and I think I broke some of those rules.

Here are the books I chose for the Seven-Day Book Challenge, and stories behind, why I picked each one.

The reason this is my first book post, after all what comes first on my mind is the Bible, few of my friends knew that I read the entire Bible in two years, three months and five days, from cover to cover. The longest time I've spent reading on a particular book. King James Version with Jesus words in Red Letters. Some neglect it but for me, there must be a reason why the King James Version empathize the words of Jesus. Well, I am not a theologian but upon reading the verses, words of Jesus really shows compassion to mankind compare to the words of some apostles and the former prophets mentioned.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

My second book, I still remember when I first met this teachings, when I was working at Suarez & Sons, Inc. at E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City, then later on it was recalled to me when I was at Rounce Printing Corp. at Kabihasnan Parañaque City.

A General Introduction To Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud

My third book, I remember in College, this is the book that thought me how to deal with humanity. Interacting with various kinds of human behavior.


Forth book, of course, as part of my college days I was able to know more about Confucius Learning that somehow thought me to be modest.


Fifth book, still college days when, you will be left behind if you were not able to read the tragedies written by The Great Shakespeare. I was able to write a poem inventing another word Vane as an adjective. Read Here


Sixth book, a very memorable book because I started reading this when I was in Qatar on first quarter of 2016, stuck on Chapter 22, continued reading when I went back to Philippines until 2018, then finished in Thailand during the vacation of Chinese New Year later on January 2020. Looking forward for the release of the Movie Version.

Love Bus - Book 3

I really love this book honestly, because I was the one who wrote it. But before you feel being fascinated about this book, read the Book 1 first. Read Here